The app for people to meet people – immediately!

Y?Not is an app to help you make new connections quickly and easily.

There’s nothing more rewarding or powerful as meeting face to face and enjoying a good conversation in person.

Simply download our FREE app and see who is nearby.

Just one simple app interaction to find like-minded people who also want to meet up too.

How does it work?

Y?Not uses your phone, to find someone nearby and then guides you both automatically to a public meeting spot, where you can get to know each other for 10 minutes or more over a coffee and a chat.

What can I expect?

A great face to face interaction and a new connection.

No profiles, no pictures, no filters, no hierarchy, no age, culture or gender profiling – no judgement whatsoever…

Just the lost art of communication and the great feeling of meeting someone new without the hassle of digital interactions or distractions.

How to use the Y?Not App

Thank you for helping us BETA test our new app!

Please follow these instructions for using the app:

1. Download the Y?Not App onto your phone using the links provided on this website.

2. Yourself and at least one other person must each be logged into the Y?Not App.

3. Head into different parts of your Town/City centre (MUST be within 1km of each other)

4. Follow the instructions in the app before and after the meeting…..Enjoy!

Keep in touch

Trust us we know more than anyone how important this is!
Join us on our journey and we’ll send you news, updates and stories on our progress in your area.